Andrew Walker


I came to Christ at 17 years old out of drugs and alcohol abuse. On a Thursday night at a youth summer camp, God spoke to me through a communion service.  I heard the words, "This is my body which is broken for you, and this is my blood which is shed for you," and for the first time realized that this applied to me.  I was radically converted and soon called into ministry. 

I received my undergrad at Southeastern Theological Seminary in 2006 with a two majors, one in history and the other in biblical studies. In 2017, I earned my Masters of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

I have been married to my best friend Danielle since 2007 and we have two awesome kids - Leah and Everly.

Wes Carpenter


Hello!  My name is Wes Carpenter and I work with the teens and outreach here at EMBC.  The teens are wonderful and they have a heart for outreach.  It is my hope and prayer we further position ourselves to be a ministry whereby teens reach teens in East Marion!  

I grew up in Midland, NC and Jesus became my Lord and Savior when I was ten years old.  I knew then I wanted Him to be my Lord.  It wasn't until I was around 18 and working as a summer camp counselor that it made sense that He had to die for me; that that was the only way to bridge the gap sin had created between me and my Father.  I completed my undergrad studying math and political science at UNC where I met my soon to be wife, Andrea.  I then took almost a year of seminary courses at Gardner Webb University.  Thereafter, I married my love and we later began a family.   We are now the proud parents of three boys ranging from elementary to high school.  She teaches kindergarten and I work FT teaching math and PT ministering to teens.  

My testimony most definitely includes the hardest part of our lives when we lost our daughter at full term and the ensuing heartache and anxiety that swallowed up our lives.  During this time, I hit such a low and life was so out of control, that God taught me in the brokenness.  He taught me that "it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me, and the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave His life for me."  I was not in control, He was, and the only way forward was to allow Him to live through me as a vessel.  Forget the legalistic control.  Forget the worry.  I had no control.  Life was up to Him.  He began restoring my soul and rebuilding my family.  

I love sharing my testimony, because while it is hard to share, it encourages me and hopefully encourages others that through trial, God reveals Himself and can restore any situation to bring Himself glory as the God of all hope!

Jack Corson

Worship Leader

During an elementary school lunch hour a man came to my school and proclaimed the reality of our sin and the good news of Jesus Christ. I was convicted that I was a sinner in need of repentance and marvel now looking back at that miracle because that would have been the last thing on my heart apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. Several years later God called me to ministry with the simple words he had spoken to Peter, “Feed my sheep.” Since then I’ve had the privilege of studying at Bible college and seminary and being on staff leading worship in Baptist and Presbyterian churches. His Word continues to affect my philosophy of worship. Andrew and I have been close friends for 14 years and enjoy much unity in ordering services that incorporate both hymns and contemporary worship anthems.

The Lord has given me three incredible children and a wife who is the goodness of the Lord to me in the land of the living. Come join us for worship and before you come pray for a sense of the presence of God.

Paul Adelgren


Personal testimony of how I became a Christian. I was raised in a loving Christian home. My external behavior was “good” (Eagle scout, God & Country Award, president of church youth group, etc.), but my heart was selfish, prideful, and dark with sin and worldly desires and greed. I went to church & Sunday School with my parents every Sunday, but I had no personal relationship with Jesus. When I went away to college, I stopped attending church. I thought I was okay, but in God’s sight, I was wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. (Rev 3:14-18). I became a Christian because God drew me into a loving, yielded, personal relationship with Jesus. He helped me see that my first 30 years were empty, without eternal life or saving grace. My marriage had been primarily about me. God used the stress of a series of very difficult circumstances (including being gone from home 75% of time during 2 years in Vietnam) and my selfish behavior, to bring our marriage to the point of divorce. He helped me see I was about to lose my precious family. More importantly, He helped me see that I was lost and would face eternal judgment. Facing my lostness, and pending failure as a husband & father, in a quiet time in 1973, He led me to confess & repent of my sins, and surrender my heart and life to Jesus as my personal Savior & Lord. I have been a born- again follower of Jesus for about 47 years… I was 30 years old when I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I seek to abide in a growing and close personal relationship with Jesus by being in the Word daily and seeking the H Spirit to illuminate God’s Word, and His will. I begin each day with devotional time (i.e. Reading Word, devotional reading, meditation and prayer time.) I seek to walk and abide with Jesus. Prayer is central to my faith and walk. I try to maintain a close relationship thru conversational prayer & praise & thanksgiving throughout the day. To know God more and more, and to know and do His will is my goal and desire.

George Foose


I grew up in a family that always went to church, but for me it was not until my high school days and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes camp where I was able to hear the Gospel in words I could relate to, and from young men whom I admired, that I was able to respond to God's amazing grace and begin to follow my Lord and Savior. I was able to attend college and study accounting, but after 3 years working as an accountant I knew there was another path for me. For the next 7 years I worked in college ministry and there met my wife Lisa. We have been married for 35 years and blessed with 2 grown sons. They are both married to godly women and we are thrilled to now have 3 grandsons. Lisa and I co-directed Christian camps for 15 years, I served on the staff of a church leading Discipleship Ministry for 5 years, and I am in my 7th year leading Equip International, a mission training and sending organization. 

Wes Wilson


I don't possess an unusual testimony, other than I didn't grow up in a Christian home. I surrendered my life to Him at age 25, December 1st, 1977 at 11:00 PM. My faith climb was rocky, with lots of ups and downs, and with no one who could mentor or ask questions to concerning this faith I needed. It wasn't until I married (December 1979) that I started to really grow as a believer.

Over the years as I was in college and raising kids did I really see the need for mentorship and discipleship, and how important it is for new believers. The years we served in Bolivia (1999 -2001) I really felt the need for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I lacked in those areas at that time and I believe our time there would have been more fruitful and more effective if I had more of God.

My tenure here in North Carolina in this church has been good for me, and allowed me to develop those skills needed to become more of Him and less of me. Christian growth comes with hard work and praying for more of Him, Wisdom, knowledge and understanding.